Storage sizes: All of our units have 8’ ceilings so be sure to use the vertical space as well as the horizontal. The only exception is our 12×30 storage unit, which has 12′ ceilings. Many of our units have a door at either end giving you double the access to your belongings. And we have so many sizes to choose from!


5×5 small closet5’×5′ (small closet)

25 sq ft – This unit will hold a chest of drawers, office supplies, small piec-es of furniture, clothes, file boxes and totes.


5×10 large closet5’×10′ (large closet)

50 sq ft – This unit will hold 1 room of furniture, a small couch, chairs, chest of drawers, small business inventory, files, motorcycle, seasonal yard equipment, seasonal decorations, sports equipment.


5×15 tiny room5’×15′ (small room)

75 sq ft – This size will hold up to 2 rooms of furniture, camping gear, ski equipment, lawn tractor.


10×10 small room10’×10′ (1/2 of a 1 car garage)

100 sq ft – You can store approximately 2-3 rooms of furniture, office furniture, motorcycles, ski mobiles, refrigerator, washer, dryer.


10×15 large room10’×15′ (3/4 of a 1 car garage)

150sq ft – This unit holds about 3-4 rooms of furniture, small sports car, gardening equipment, commercial storage, inventory.


10×20 (Large)10’×20′ (1 car garage)

200sq ft – This until will hold 5-6 rooms of furniture, a standard sized car, small truck, commercial storage.


10×30 very large10’×30′ (very large)

300sq ft – These units will hold approximately 8 rooms of furniture, large vehicles, outdoor equipment and com-mercial storage. Some of our units are dou-ble doored, there is a door at each end of the unit for easier access to the contents.


12×30 Commercial unit12’×30′ (Commercial Size)

360sq ft – These units will hold a small camper, small van, boat, large car, outdoor equipment and business file storage. These units have 12’ ceilings and oversized 10’x10’ doors.


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